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Resource: Okinawa Hai!

Okinawa Hai! is one of a series of websites aimed, primarily, at helping US military families settle in, find their way around, and otherwise make the most of life in Okinawa, Germany, Korea, or Turkey, with the tagline “Helping you … Continue reading

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Foreign Area Officer (aka Getting Paid to be an Expert)

Hello cyberspace!  Katie here, coming at you with a little bit more incentive to go military, or even just military related.  A lot of agencies and services have realized the importance of having individuals specialized in certain areas of the … Continue reading

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Road Map to a Military Decision

So I promised everyone in my previous post a look into using your Japanese Studies major in the military…well, I’m going to back up a few paces before we dive into that pool.  Naturally, you have to first decide which … Continue reading

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Military Points to Consider

Hello, everyone.  Katie here!  After spending my years at Gettysburg soaking up Japanese Studies and Political Science, I decided to join the military.  Everyone has their different reasons, I won’t get into mine, but I’ve heard them range from money … Continue reading

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