Link Exchange

Here we would like to acknowledge those websites and blogs around the internet that have been kind enough to post a permanent link to our blog. Although not all sites contain primarily Japanese content and therefore may not be reviewed as a resource here, we would like to recognize their contribution to our readership and say ‘Thanks!’ by listing them below. We encourage you explore these personal blogs, professional sites, and academic webpages. Happy browsing!

Gettysburg College: Asian Studies Department

University of Chicago: East Asian Languages and Civilizations Department

University of Colorado at Boulder Center for Asian Studies

DePaul University: DePaul Notebook 2010-2011

Teaching Japan: Pedagological Possibilities in U.S. Higher Education

Japanese Castle Explorer

Japingu (Exploring Japan)

Soulful Japan

Contemporary Japanese Literature

外国人と能 Gaikokujin to nō (My journey into Noh theatre)

Naruhodo なるほど

JETs with J.D.s

Ishikawa JET

茶有の者 – A Man with Tea

I’ll Make It Myself!


A Modern Girl / モダンガール

The Diary of an Eternal Student


Learn Japanese Through Pictures

Bound in Japan [+]

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