About the blog

What can I do with B.A. in Japanese Studies (affectionately known as Shinpai Deshou) began as a collective effort of Gettysburg College students who graduated with a B.A. in Japanese Studies. Today it is primarily run by its creator, Paula R. Curtis, and has expanded to include guest writing from people affiliated with a variety of institutions and companies who work in the Japan field. Shinpai Deshou presents advice from people with various experiences involving graduate school, living abroad, Japan study, searching for employment, etc. Announcements for Japan-related events, conferences, and jobs are also featured to give undergrads and those who have already graduated an idea of what the heck you can do after getting a B.A. in this field. The goal of the blog is to provide helpful advice and a variety of resources to enable students and former students of Japanese to continue their study, plan for employment, and make informed decisions about the vague and imposing question: What am I doing next?

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