Major Conferences

Most advisors tell graduate students early on that in order to develop a more complete and well-rounded CV they should start thinking about submitting papers to graduate student conferences or major disciplinary conferences. If your advisor is a bit hands off or you’re not terribly familiar with the state of the Asian/Japanese Studies field (and other disciplines related to your work) already, then figuring out how to find conferences and symposia of various sizes and different reputations can be difficult. 

While some conferences are small and spontaneously hosted as one-time events by universities or research institutions, others are annual and sponsored by larger academic organizations. 

Those interested in Japanese Studies may want to think about Japanese Studies conferences, conferences on Asia or East Asia, and those specific to their disciplines (be it history, technology, literature, medicine, etc.). Below I have attempted to list and categorize some of the major annual conferences, some general, some regional, some topical. 

This list should not be considered exhaustive, as I may not be familiar with big annual conferences related to Asia/Japan for specific subdisciplines, but I have done my best to include what I have found. If you have anything you would like added to the list, please leave a comment or contact me as

** Please note that many conferences maintain new websites every year for their conferences, so some websites listed below may be subject to change year by year.

** Some conferences may be held in multiple languages, not just English.

General Conferences

The Association for Asian Studies (AAS)

AAS in Asia 

European Association of Japanese Studies 

European Association of Japanese Studies in Japan

The New Zealand Asian Studies Society

Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA)

Japanese Studies Association of Australia (JSAA)

British Association for Japanese Studies (BAJS)

Nordic Association of Japanese and Korean Studies (NAJAKS)

International Convention of Asia Scholars

Asian Studies Conference Japan (ASCJ)

Japanese Studies Association (JSA)

Japan-America Student Conference 

Regional Conferences (US)

Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast (ASPAC)

Western Conference Association for Asian Studies (WCAAS)

Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs (MCAA)

New York Conference on Asian Studies (NYCAS)

Mid-Atlantic Region Association for Asian Studies (MARAAS)

Southwest Conference on Asian Studies (SWCAS)

New England Association for Asian Studies (NEAAS)

Southeast Conference Association for Asian Studies (SECAAS)

Language, Linguistics, Pedagogy

Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages 

The International Conference on Practical Linguistics of Japanese (ICPLJ)

American Association of Teachers of Japanese

The Japanese/Korean Linguistics Conference

The Japan Second Language Association 

The Japanese Society for Language Sciences 21st Annual International Conference

Canadian Association for Japanese Language Education (CAJLE)

Literature, Arts, Humanities

Association for Japanese Literary Studies (AJLS)

Asian Conference on Arts & Humanities

Sciences, Anthropology, Religious Studies

International Conference on the History of Science in East Asia (ICHSEA)

The Japanese Society of Cultural Anthropology (JASCA)

The Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology

International Association of Buddhist Studies

Annual Graduate Student Asian Studies Conferences

Columbia University Gradcon

East-West Center International Graduate Student Conference

Harvard University East Asia Society

University of Colorado, Boulder Asian Studies Graduate Student Conference

Nanzan Seminar for the Study of Religions