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What does the blog address ‘shinpaideshou‘ refer to?

The address of this blog is romaji for the Japanese 心配でしょう, meaning “You’re worried, aren’t you?” Something that felt like an apt summary of how most students feel when faced with the inevitable situation of deciding what they want to do with their lives.

Who writes for the blog?

No one person can know everything or have advice for all career experiences, so although Paula primarily runs the blog, a variety of guest bloggers have enriched its content.

Can I write an article for the blog?

Absolutely! If you have a topic you want to write on, send an email with a description of your pitch and we can discuss it.

Can I request a topic?

Absolutely! When requests are received, if the subject isn’t in the immediate experience of regular or occasional writers, requests are put out to other colleagues to try to bring in a guest writer on for the topic. There’s no guarantee one will be found, but it’s always great to know how the blog can better serve its readers.

Will you include a link to my blog/site?

The inclusion of links to other sites as resources will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have something you think would be helpful for students, feel free to send an the information along. If it’s seems helpful and appropriate, it may get reviewed and included in a future post.

Will you post an announcement for our study abroad program/conference/scholarship/event/etc.?

The inclusion of content by request will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Announcements are typically limited to things such as workshops, conferences, and special events (generally those open to the public) featuring a substantial Japan- or Japanese-related component. Exceptions may be made for particularly outstanding lectures such as controversial topics, exceedingly rare guests, or lectures to support disaster relief or volunteerism. If you have something you think would be helpful for students, send an email along and it may be posted if relevant. Shinpai Deshou is here to help!