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How I Remember 3/11: Japan Cat Network

Here’s a fun fact that most people find very difficult to believe: the Great Tohoku Earthquake was my first day at work.  And not just any “first day at work”, it was the first day of  my first real job … Continue reading

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Foreign Area Officer (aka Getting Paid to be an Expert)

Hello cyberspace!  Katie here, coming at you with a little bit more incentive to go military, or even just military related.  A lot of agencies and services have realized the importance of having individuals specialized in certain areas of the … Continue reading

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FLF: Kusatsu Onsen

I traveled to Nagano once with a friend, we were going to see the snow monkeys.  Our plan was to spend the night at a ryokan in the small town of Yamanouchi and head to Nagano-shi the next day.  Imagine … Continue reading

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Fun Link Friday: Tokyo’s Themed Restaurants

Just when you think traveling abroad and experiencing a new civilization is a big enough of a culture shock, the Japanese whip out some new trick.  Behold, the themed restaurant.  The article is a bit dated, but I can testify … Continue reading

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Road Map to a Military Decision

So I promised everyone in my previous post a look into using your Japanese Studies major in the military…well, I’m going to back up a few paces before we dive into that pool.  Naturally, you have to first decide which … Continue reading

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Military Points to Consider

Hello, everyone.  Katie here!  After spending my years at Gettysburg soaking up Japanese Studies and Political Science, I decided to join the military.  Everyone has their different reasons, I won’t get into mine, but I’ve heard them range from money … Continue reading

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