Fun Link Friday: Contemporary Ukiyo-e in Airbrush

Here at Shinpai Deshou we’re no stranger to fun ukiyo-e-related news, whether it’s the chance to make your own mish-mashed print or see prints as animated gifs. Today’s fun link is to the works of a contemporary ukiyo-e artist, Ishikawa Masumi, who puts a modern spin woodblock traditions with airbrush art that mimics the ukiyo-e style.

We previously featured his tributes to David Bowie, but he popped up on our radar again in an article in the Japan Times from last year showcased his Star Wars chops, including this excellent Darth Vader (which to my mind kind of invokes Hokusai’s Ghost of Kohada Koheiji?). So who could resist highlighting this fun work again.

Expectedly, I rather enjoy his cat series, but that might be because as I type this I’m being gnawed on by kitten. I find the print to the left VERY relatable. What better way to end the week, I suppose!

You can check out Ishikawa’s works on his site or follow him on various social media to see what his latest works are like.

Happy Friday!

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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