Fun Link Friday: Ukiyo-e project and modern prints

Image from the Ukiyo-e Project

We’ve covered modern takes on and uses of ukiyo-e prints from early modern Japan a handful of times for our Fun Link Fridays here at Shinpai Deshou. The latest way in which ukiyo-e can be seen persisting in the cultural imaginary is through the Ukiyo-e Project‘s desire to bring modern stars into this centuries-old printing technique.

The Ukiyo-e Project recently gained notoriety through an article on Masumi Ishikawa’s David Bowie prints, bringing famous photos of the musician to life alongside mystical creatures. But the project as a whole seeks to portray numerous pop icons and artists through traditional woodblock printing.

Their site now features designs by the illustrator, woodcarver, and printer collaborators that depict Bowie, Kiss, and Iron Maiden (seen above), promising more pop legends in the future. Their site also features some fun details, like showing the sequence of printing that occurs for some pieces:

Explore the site to check out their other prints, learn more about the artists behind the work and the project, or even to buy some of their excellent work at their store. Happy Friday!

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