Fun Link Friday: Small Worlds Tokyo

If lately you’ve just been feeling insignificant compared to the vastness of the universe, maybe you need to plan on booking a trip to Small Worlds Tokyo, which is set to open next spring. Planned as the world’s largest diorama park, it will be a 8,000 square meter indoor facility, with the objects at 1/80th scale.

Visitors will get to choose from many different themes, including Kansai airport, towns across the world, the Space Center, areas of Tokyo, and even Sailor Moon and Neon Genesis Evangelion! Can a miniature immersion experience be just as intense as a life-size one?

There’s even the option to purchase a special ticket to create a 3D model of yourself and place it inside the action. So if you ever wanted to imagine yourself as a part of the world below a hulking mech, now might be your chance!

More information can be found on the Small Worlds website and various articles advertising the new park. Tickets aren’t open yet, but be on the lookout if you’re in Japan.

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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