Job Opening: Library Technician (with Japanese language skills)

Deadline: July 12


This position is located in the Collections Services Section of the Asian Division, Collection and Services Directorate.

  • This is a non-supervisory, bargaining unit position.
  • The position description number for this position is 349101.
  • The incumbent of this position will work a flexitime work schedule.


Following extensive library rules, procedures, and operations, maintains the collections. Received training in shelving materials using multiple systems of classifications and local shelf arrangement. Based on this knowledge, systematically reads designated shelves to ensure that items are properly arranged. Arranges, sorts, and re-shelves materials returned to the stacks according to shelflist order. Continually shelfreads in assigned areas to ensure that each item is in proper shelflist order. Rearranges and shifts items under supervisory guidance and in accordance with available space.

Identifies and removes items suspected of containing errors in labeling and/or cataloging and forwards items for appropriate correction. Learns how to follow routine retention/discard procedures.

Following extensive library rules, procedures, and operations, retrieves materials in the collections. Applies judgement in retrieving materials. Receives call slips indicating call number, author, title, volume, etc., of materials requested by readers or staff. Draws upon knowledge of the LC classification system to understand its peculiarities especially in the areas covered by the Asian Division. Understand the meaning of different shelf markers, and be able to locate materials which may have special requirements such as being in a foreign language or format. Checks title, author, call number, etc. against call slip. Inserts call slip in the book and other routing slips as required, and dispatches the requested materials. When information is incomplete or inaccurate, seeks assistance and verifies the call number, edition and other indicia in order to locate the requested item.

Performs interlibrary loan functions by searching guides and shelves for material going out on loan. Examines condition of materials returned and re-shelves material appropriately.

Serves at the reference desk in reading room, accepting cal slips from readers. Reviews call slips for accuracy and completion. Learns to identify material housed in other custodial locations or off site facilities. Delivers materials or status reports to the requester’s desk in the Asian Reading Room.

Assists the library clientele in the use of library resources by locating materials; showing users how to find items in the public access catalog, periodical index, electronic storage files, and other finding aids. Learns to answer a wide range of ready reference questions. Uses knowledge of publication formats in foreign languages and of Romanization tables to perform duties involving several major Asian languages, such as serials check-in or locating requested material for loan to other libraries.

Following extensive library rules, procedures, and operations, processes library collections. Distinguishes the type of material, and separates and properly distributes all types of library collection items for processing. Completes appropriate forms for accessioning, recording, and statistical reports. Uses large bibliographic databases. Receives and sorts materials into bound and unbound categories. Checks in materials. Prepares materials for digital conversion or binding. Attaches call numbers.

Learns proper method of handling books, paper, photographs, CDs, microfilms and microfiches, or moving image materials in order to track and apply appropriate labels, barcode labels, security devices, bookplates, and/or property stamps across the Library. Learns to create updates and edits bibliographic records within the Integrated Library Systems.

Determines and performs basic rehousing of the Library’s collection materials. Follows the standard procedures to route materials for repair, housing, binding, or reformatting. Works in cooperation with supervisors and other specialists to ensure that collections are properly prepared for treatment, transport, and disposition. Performs preliminary routines needed to identify and refer materials ready for binding; this includes being able to sort materials in a variety of formats and languages.

Preservation of Library materials requires some physical exertion such as pushing and pulling materials ready for binding from one area to another.

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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