Fun Link Friday: Laser-cut Stationery Surprises

Although this is old news by internet standards, This is Colossal posted last week about a new memo pad produced by the Japanese company Triad that reveals hidden architectural features or objects as you use up your everyday notes.

Called “The Omoshiro Block” (or literally “fun/interesting block”), this memo pad uses laser-cut technology to form three-dimensional images within your block of paper. As you slowly use up your memos and pull them away, a beautiful structure reveals itself, whether a temple, a camera, or even a piano! Each sheet of paper is also unique, with different cut images and gradual shifts in color as the papers reduce. Although the blocks themselves are still expensive, I imagine they’d make a unique Japan-related gift for those bringing back omiyage to their loved ones. You can follow Triad on Instagram for more interesting products and go to the original article to see some more laser-cut paper works they’ve been doing!

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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