Fun Link Friday: ‘Tokyo-ized’ Cities

As I wrap up my two years of research here in Tokyo (and miss Fun Link Fridays in my haste, sorry!), I’m left thinking about how one of the biggest culture shocks will simply be the change in urban scenery. Even traveling to different areas of Japan, like Kanazawa or Sendai, I am always struck by the wider streets, the reduced visual noise, the smaller number of people. Recently Spoon & Tamago posted on an artistic project by Daigo Ishii that envisions what cities around the world would look like if they were “Tokyo-ized” with the same scenery we see every day here in Japan’s modern capital. Neon signs, kiosks, and cherry blossoms remind us just how particular our urban landscapes can be. For more, see this article at Design Boom, which also features of video on the gradual addition to these visual elements from photoshop.


“Tokyo-ized” Copenhagen

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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