Book Announcement: Nara Japan, 758-763: A Study and Translation of Shoku Nihongi,Tenpyō Hōji 2 – 7

naraRoss Bender’s Nara Japan, 758-763: A Study and Translation of Shoku Nihongi,Tenpyō Hōji 2 – 7 is now available at CreateSpace and Amazon:

This is the third in a projected five-volume translation of Shoku Nihongi for the years 749-770.

Also available are The Edicts of the Last Empress, 749-770: A Study and Translation of Senmyō 12-47 in Shoku Nihongi:

and Nara Japan, 749-757: A Study and Translation of Shoku Nihongi, Tenpyō Shōhō 1 –Tenpyō Hōji 1

Table of Contents for Nara Japan, 758-763

Acknowledgments 1
About the Translation 5
Introduction 11
The Junnin Interregnum and Nakamaro Supremacy 14
Table 1: Edicts Tenpyō Hōji 2 – 7 17
Table 2: Changes in Bureaucratic Nomenclature 19
Foreign Relations: Parhae, Tang, and Silla 21
Coinage, Inflation, and Natural Disasters 29
Political Theology: A Dialog Between Throne and Officialdom 31
Table 3: Edicts and Memorials TPHJ 2.8.1 31
Conclusion 40
Translation: Tenpyō Hōji 2– Tenpyō Hōji 7 41
Appendix: Kanji Reference List and Glossary 281
Bibliography 295



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