Job Opening: Teacher, Japanese Culture and Language

job opening - 5Employer: Youth for Understanding (YFU)
Location: Berkeley, CA
Employment Type: Independent Contractor
Posted March 11, 2016
Deadline: rolling admissions

Mission: Youth for Understanding (YFU) advances intercultural understanding, mutual respect and social responsibility through educational exchanges for youth, families and communities. Through the exchange experience, YFU students gain intercultural understanding, learn mutual respect, and develop a sense of social responsibility. Their experience abroad gives them leadership competencies necessary to meet the challenges and benefit from the opportunities of a fast-changing global community.

Purpose of Position: The Culture and Language Teacher is a paid contract position with YFU, and reports directly to the Site Director and indirectly to the Education Coordinator. Youth for Understanding is committed to providing high school students with comprehensive educational programming, which helps to prepare them for their unique exchange experience. Culture and Language Teachers play a key role in achieving this goal. The quality of orientation teachers’ efforts has a significant and direct impact on the students’ experience. This orientation program is designed to prepare and educate American high school students as they embark on a six-week home stay experience in Japan. Major areas of responsibility include the following:


  • Effectively teach YFU curriculum to groups of 10-15 students, and team-teach group sessions of up to 30 students.
  • Create and maintain a classroom atmosphere that encourages student participation, is well organized and is consistent with the program schedule.
  • Work to foster cohesion within your group (known as Kumi).
  • Assist students with any difficulties they may encounter, and communicate these issues to the Site Director.


  • Work with the Alumni Assistants (teaching assistants) to keep students informed regarding schedules and session locations, and to emphasize the importance of punctuality.
  • Serve as a liaison between program staff and students by relaying important information regarding policies, procedures, and administrative matters.
  • Communicate and share students’ issues with program staff in an appropriate manner.
  • Assist in maintaining program integrity by working with students to uphold YFU’s policies and procedures.


  • Assist with non-classroom responsibilities such as registration, special sessions, and social activities.
  • Participate actively in all aspects of program implementation.
  • Collaborate with teaching assistants (YFU alumni) and other teachers to plan and present sessions.
  • Work to create effective working relationships with all program staff members.


  • Arrive at training having thoroughly read the lesson plans and student workbook.
  • Attend and fully participate in all training sessions.
  • Strive to understand and achieve the established goals and objectives of the orientation program.
  • Adhere to program policies and to YFU’s policies and procedures.
  • Be prepared to work long days in a full-time, total involvement, residential program.
  • Be thoroughly familiar and comfortable with lesson plan concept, format, and content.


Culture and Language Teachers:

  • Must have a teaching background, preferably with high school students.
  • Must have recent living experience in Japan.
  • Must have a minimum of a basic level Japanese language proficiency.
  • Must have excellent interpersonal skills and be able to team teach and function with a large and diverse staff.
  • Should possess the following characteristics: patience, understanding, sense of humor, adaptability, enthusiasm, awareness, sensitivity, creativity, responsibility, and commitment.
  • Should be dedicated to creating and maintaining a team atmosphere.
  • Must have no criminal record. A background check will be conducted for all staff.


  • Application Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so applicants are strongly encouraged to apply as early as possible.
  • Site: University of California, Berkeley, California.
  • Dates:
    On site staff training: June 10-11 and June 16
    Student Orientations: June 12-15 and June 17-18
    Compensation: $100/day on site; YFU USA will also cover all transportation (up to $500), room and board expenses. Exception: Staff are required to cover meals on their day off (lunch June 15 through lunch June 16).

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