Workshop: Isles of Gold Revisited: New Approaches to the Study of Early Modern Maps

Please see the schedule below for an exciting workshop in celebration of Sir Hugh Cortazzi’s collection of historical maps of Japan. Attendance is free of charge, but please register in advance – the details will soon be available on the SISJAC website.

Isles of Gold Revisited:  New Approaches to the Study of Early Modern Maps  

SISJAC, Norwich and British Library, London, 28-30 June 2016

28th June 14:00 Opening Remarks: Sir Hugh Cortazzi, Akira Hirano and Radu Leca

14:30 Panel 1: The Conflation of World Views on Japanese Maps.

Chair and Discussant: Richard Bowring.
Max Moerman: The Actuality of Buddhist Maps of the World in the Early Modern Period.
Angelo Cattaneo: Maps of Japan in the Nanban Century.
Elke Papelitzky: The 1671 ‘Map of Myriad Countries’.

29th June 10:00 Panel 2: Regional and Urban Perspectives.

Chair and Discussant: Peter Kornicki.
Uesugi Kazuhiro: The Strategy of the Map Makers – Historical Geography of the Kyoto Maps in the Early Modern Era.
Radu Leca: Maps of Kyushu on Ceramic Dishes in the Nineteenth Century.
Richard Pegg: Mapping Edo in the mid-Nineteenth Century.

29th June 13:30 Panel 3: The Variety of Images of Japan

Chair and Discussant: Timon Screech.
Miyoshi Tadayoshi: The Overseas Adventures of Ryūsen’s Map of Japan.
Marcia Yonemoto: One ‘Country’ or Many? Pre-national Nomenclature in Tokugawa Japanese Maps.
Jason Hubbard: Crossfertilization: Japanese and Western Interrelationship in the Early Mapping of Japan.

16:00 Concluding Discussion

30th June 14:00 Viewing of a selection of Japanese maps, Map Room, British Library.

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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