Graduate Program: M.A. in Translation, Kent State University

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Successful completion of 36 semester hours of coursework as detailed below, including a case study in translation. All students must enroll in TRST 60001 (Graduate Research and Writing), during the first fall semester. This is a departmental requirement. Visit the Master’s degree coursework page for a comprehensive list. In addition, students are encouraged to seek internships. For any questions regarding M.A. program admissions or requirements, please contact Dr. Brian Baer, Graduate Coordinator (


In addition to this departmental requirement, core course requirements include:

TRST 60009 (Documents in Multilingual Contexts)
TRST 60010 ( Theory of Translation),
ARAB 67010/FR 63010 / GER 61010 / JAPN 65010 / RUSS 62010 / SPAN 62010 (Practice of Translation),
TRST 60011(Terminology and Computer Applications for Translators);
ARAB 67240/FR 63240 / GER 61240 / JAPN 65240 / RUSS 62240 / SPAN 68240 (Literary and Cultural Translation);
ARAB 67250/FR 63250 / GER 61250 / JAPN 65250 / RUSS 62250 / SPAN 68250 (Commercial, Legal and Diplomatic Translation),
ARAB 67251/FR 63251 / GER 61251 / JAPN 65251 / RUSS 62251 / SPAN 68251 (Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation),
TRST 60012 (Software Localization),
An elective course such as TRST 60013 (Project Management) or other approved course and
ARAB 67979/FR 63979 / GER 61979 / JAPN 65979 / RUSS 62979 / SPAN 68979 (Case Study in Translation)

Students choose 11 elective hours in any graduate level translation-related courses in MCLS or other department. Some of these courses include: TRST 60298 Applied Translation Research (1-3); and FR 63093 / GER 61091 / JAPN 65091 / RUSS 62091 / SPAN 68093 Variable Topic Seminars (3).

Note that Applied Translation Research requires special approval from the graduate coordinator.


The courses in the M.A. in Translation are offered on a regular two-year schedule and rotation.

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