Fun Link Friday: Home-for-All in Soma

Here’s a positive story about reconstruction in Soma to end our week.

Via Spoon & Tamago

Via Spoon & Tamago

Four years ago a devastating earthquake and tsunami destroyed 250,000 homes in the Tohoku region of Japan. In the wake of the tragedy, architect Toyo Ito established Home-for-All, an initiative to build small community centers in the heart of the acres of temporary housing. Funded by donations from around the world, for the last 4 years architects have worked pro bono to build a total of 12 Home-for-All buildings, instilling a sense of pride in the hard-hit areas of Tohoku.

The latest project to be completed is Home-for-All in Soma, a beautiful, wooden indoor playground for kids designed by Tokyo-based Klein-Dytham Architecture. “As the children cannot play outside, we felt the building should feel like you are playing in a forest with trees,” said the architects, who designed cross-laminated timber columns that create an open, airy space.

Check out the project on Spoon & Tamago!

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