Tohoku Revival Calendar

On the fourth anniversary of the 2011 earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Tōhoku area of Japan, many people are reflecting on how far (or not far) recovery has come and asking what they can still do to help those who continue to be affected. Today, we’d like to showcase the Tōhoku Revival Calendar, one example of the continuing spirit of revitalization and celebration of the Tōhoku area.

The Tōhoku Revival Calendar posts daily in both Japanese and English about the progress of rebuilding in Tōhoku and highlights the area’s special tourist sites and programs, advertising cultural events, introducing traditional arts and food in the Tōhoku area, and inviting others to see the progress Tōhoku has made and take part in its recovery by experiencing all that Tōhoku has to offer.

A member of the TRC team and Sendai’s ariTV describes,

TOHOKU REVIVAL CALENDAR is a website created to send the message to Japan and the rest of the world that Tōhoku is an amazing place. We want to document the story of Tohoku’s recovery on the TOHOKU REVIVAL CALENDAR, and by doing so, we want to show our support to the people there and for what’s next for Tōhoku.

Let us seek the path ahead. On March 11th, we lost many things: our family, friends, jobs, homes, and memories. But there is one thing we haven’t lost. We cannot know what the distant future holds, but what we haven’t lost is hope. People are moving forward one step at a time towards Tōhoku’s revival. Here, we chronicle our hopes day by day.

Tōhoku, the Northeast Part of Japan, is Now Recovering from the Tsunami Disaster

Follow the progress and get a taste of Tōhoku at through their websites in English or Japanese, and get excited to see all the fantastic parts of Tōhoku and its indomitable spirit of recovery.

Do you know of any other great recovery projects going on? Let us know in the comments!



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