Fun Link Friday: Meiji Meth: the Deep History of Illicit Drugs

When Breaking Bad was in its full (and justified) hype, a colleague of mine over at Nursing Clio  sent me this link about the invention of meth in Meiji Japan, a factoid of which I was totally unaware.


Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Want to find out more about how the stateman and chemist, Nagayoshi Nagai, synthesized meth for the first time in 1893? Check out the article on The Appendix here!

There’s also a great introduction about the experience of and experiments with other early drugs by European scientists, and it’s part of a larger series of articles.

There’s also more about the making and use of meth in Japan in more recent decades at this earlier Tofugu article.  Read up to impress your friends at your next binge-watching of Breaking Bad and please browse responsibly! 🙂

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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