Call for Papers: New Journal: Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas (ADVA)

call for papers [150-2]Call for Submissions

We are pleased to announce the launch of Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas, a new international peer-reviewed journal that features multidisciplinary scholarship on intersections between visual culture studies and the study of Asian diasporas across the Americas. Perspectives on and from North, Central and South America, as well as the Pacific Islands and the Caribbean will be presented to encourage the hemispheric transnational study of multiple Americas with diverse indigenous and diasporic populations.

The broad conceptualization of the Americas as a complex system of continual movement, migratory flows and cultural exchange, and Asian diaspora as an analytical tool, enables the critical examination of the historically under-represented intersections between and within, Asian Canadian Studies, Asian American Studies, Asian Latin American Studies, Asian Caribbean Studies, and Pacific Island Studies. It encourages submission of transnational and transhistorical as well as site-based scholarly critique and investigation on visual cultures that engage with historical, material, cultural and political contextualizations within current discussions on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, dis/ability and class as well as aesthetics, ethics, epistemologies, and technologies of visuality. Transcultural areas of investigation in the humanities, including Asian-Indigenous collaborations, historical formulations of Afro-Asian connections, and studies on transnational subjects of mixed ra
ce heritage are welcome.

Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas explores visual culture in all its multifaceted forms, including, but not limited to, visual arts, craft, cinema, film, performing arts, public art, architecture, design, fashion, media, sound, food, networked practices, and popular culture. It recognizes the ways in which diverse systems of visualities, inclusive of sensorial, embodied experience, have shaped and embedded meanings within culturally specific, socio-political and ideological contexts. The journal provides an intellectual forum for researchers and educators to showcase, engage and be in dialogue with this growing multidisciplinary area of investigation within the humanities

Asian Diasporic Visual Cultures and the Americas (ADVA) will be published by Brill ( ) in affiliation with the Asian/Pacific/American Institute, New York University (New York) and the Gail and Stephen A. Jarislowsky Institute for Studies in Canadian Art, Concordia University (Montreal).

To read more about ADVA, including our aims and scope and editorial and advisory board membership, and submission guidelines, please visit our Facebook page: . Please send queries or submissions to: .

The first issue is planned for Spring 2015.

Deadline for submissions for the first issue: June 1, 2014

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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