Call for panels and papers: Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA) Biennial Conference

call for papers [150-2]The Asian Studies Association of Australia is pleased to announce that its 20th Biennial Conference will take place at the University of Western Australia, Perth, 8-10 July 2014.

Please see our conference website (
for more details.

Conference Theme- AsiaScapes: Contesting Borders

Although “landscape” as a metaphor is well-worn, “-scape” remains a productive suffix, spawning terms such as ethnoscapes, technoscapes, mediascapes, ideoscapes and so on, to account for the movement of peoples, technologies, money, images, ideals and ideologies throughout the world. This Conference seeks to emphasise the involvement of Asia as a region of origin, transmission and reception in such flows, extending from the local to the global in scale.

Panels and Paper Proposals

Panels and individual papers that engage with these key concepts are invited from all areas of Asian Studies, providing an opportunity for scholars and teachers to present their own research and to keep abreast of current academic discourse. We encourage panels and papers in the following areas:

*         Anthropology, sociology and inter-disciplinary studies
*         Archaeology
*         Cultural studies
*         Economics, trade and business
*         Ecology and environment
*         History
*         Language, education and communication
*         Law
*         Literature and translation
*         Politics and international relations
*         Resource politics
*         Science policy and collaborative research.

Please submit your full panel proposals ( or individual paper abstracts ( online via the Conference website at ( .
Each panel concept should be no longer than 200 words; each panel paper proposal should be 200-300 words.

Submitting a Panel Proposal

The deadline for panel submissions is 29 November 2013.
Notification of acceptance will be on or before 20 December 2013.

Submitting an Abstract
The deadline for paper abstract submissions is 07 February 2014.
Notification of acceptance will be on or before 28 February 2014.

Should you have any problems submitting your abstract online, forward it to

Your assistance in distributing this information to other interested parties will be appreciated.

ASAA Conference Secretariat
47 Hampden Road, Nedlands, Western Australia, Australia
Nedlands, WA 6009

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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