Fun Link Friday: Ramen cake

Now that the temperature is dropping and we’re starting to get a little sneak peek at winter, I’m craving ramen. All I can think about while shivering at the bus stop is how great it’ll be to have giant bowls of miso ramen whenever I want next time I’m back Japan-side. Which is why when a bunch of photos of ramen started making their way across my various web feeds I got excited– until I realized I had been tricked, and this ramen was cake. 

Plastic food, step aside. Kotaku recently posted an article on the newest rising trend in Japan of making cakes that look like ramen and other popular dishes.

Cakes. They’re CAKES!

Apparently it’s possible to make them more cake-like or more jelly-like, and these are even being made custom for special occasions! Check out the original Kotaku article for more links and pictures, as well as some shots of what it looks like to crack one of these babies in half and see the bizarre, breaded insides…

Original source article here:

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