Fun Link Friday: Katsuyo Aoki’s Porcelain Skulls

Ceramic artist Katsuyo Aoki’s Predictive Dream, a series of porcelain skulls, was featured on Tofugu recently. I was pleased to see the article since I got to see and translate about some of Predictive Dream as well as her installation piece Torolldom at Art Crafting Towards the Future (未来工芸派) at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa, last summer. All the work was fantastic, but I was really taken with hers. The level of detail is truly incredible.

Left image copyright Katsuyo Aoki. Collage image from Tofugu.

Left image copyright Katsuyo Aoki, Predictive Dream XXIII. Collage image from Tofugu.

Tofugu‘s Fiona discussed some of the visual cues that may have inspired Predictive Dream. See them in “Katsuyo Aoki’s Porcelain Skulls” and see more of Aoki’s breathtaking work on her website.

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