Reblog: How to Organize a Panel for a Conference

call for papers [150-2]We’ve been woefully short on articles related to professional networking within academia, so today we’re reblogging an article written by Dr. Karen Kelsky, who runs the blog The Professor Is In, a site and business where she helps people from all walks of academia with professional development as well as thinking through if that’s even the path they want at all.

Formerly a tenured professor in Japanese Studies as well, her blog is definitely worth checking out even if you aren’t at the final stages of an academic career. She has all kinds of information about resumes and CV development, the interview process, connecting with peers and faculty, and more. About a month ago she posted a step-by-step process to organizing a panel for a conference (very important to know for social networking, research, and generally going up the ranks of academic activity!). She also included important caveats about whom to invite and the general length of time and type of thought that needs to go into forming panels. Of course, this all may vary by field, but I think this will be useful to many of you! Check it out!

How to Organize a Panel for a Conference

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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