Job Openings: Lecturing Opportunities in China and Japan

job opening - 5Context Travel, a leading organization in travel for intellectually curious travelers, is looking to expand its docent pool in Beijing, Shanghai, Kyoto, and Tokyo.

Context is a very different sort of travel company: They work with local scholars and experts to create theme-based “walking seminars” in many of the major cities worldwide. It got its start in Rome a decade ago, and now has over 300 docents working more than 20 cities worldwide cities, many of whom are university professors, graduate students, or independent researchers.

You can learn more about Context by reading our About Us or management page or by taking a look at the kinds of things they do in a more developed city like Rome, in addition to the programs in Beijing and

Work is on a flexible freelance basis to meet the varying needs of each docent’s outside working demands.

Context is looking for experts in a variety of specialties: architecture, art history, history, design and contemporary, literature, etc. Our specific needs in each city are as follows, though other specialties are welcome to apply.

Beijing / Shanghai
experts in Chinese religion
experts in Traditional Chinese medicine
experts in the history of Shanghai during the 1920s
urban planning and design specialists
art historians

Tokyo / Kyoto
art historians
experts in Japanese religion
experts in Japanese landscape and gardens
anthropologists and experts on Japanese cultural traditions
experts in contemporary Japanese pop culture and otaku
experts in urban planning, architecture, and design

Contact: Jessica Stewart
Expansion Manager

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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