Funding: Saison Foundation (Contemporary Theater and Dance)

[The deadline for these grants have passed, but bookmark it for next year!]

Contemporary Theater and Dance: International Project Support Program

(For medium to long-term artistic collaboration projects)

This program offers grants and/or priority use of space at Morishita Studio in Tokyo (Studios and guest room) —for international theater, dance, or performance art collaboration projects with not-for-profit contemporary Japanese performing artists and/or companies, —including creative workshops and rehearsals held during the working process.

Priority will be given to projects —that will advance through continuous working processes, based on sufficient mutual understanding between artistic partners.

Applications will be accepted under the condition that an artistic partnership has already been established between the Japanese and foreign artists/companies who will be working together in the proposed project.

The maximum length of a grant-receiving period for a continued project is three years. Applicants may include activities related to the preparatory stage of the project, such as meetings, research, residencies, workshops, etc.

The amount of support sought to the Foundation should not exceed the deficit in the proposed project’s budget. There will be no restrictions on the purpose of spending money.

Residence in Morishita Studio Visiting Fellows Program

Visiting Fellows Program

This program aims to build up an international network for contemporary performing arts and to enhance mutual understanding, and gives an opportunity for arts administrators to research the contemporary performing arts scene in Japan. The program supports research visits to Japan by arts administrators i.e. producers, program directors, presenters and curators, who are expected to play an important role in the international performing arts scene and intend to carry out projects with contemporary theater and dance communities in Japan. The program offers grants and guest rooms at Morishita Studio during the research visit.

Our grants are for administrators, i.e. producers, program directors and curators, who

  • are based outside Japan
  • engage to international exchange projects
  • able to communicate in Japanese or English
  • able to stay in Japan for more than 20 days up to 30 days between June 2, 2012 and March 31, 2013.

The main purpose of the visit has to be for researching the performing arts scene in Japan, therefore arts administrators with the purpose of producing or touring a specific piece of work are not eligible to apply

An individual or organization in Japan planning to invite the art administrator also can apply the program, but it is necessary to gain the consent of the invitee

The program awards travel expenses, i.e. one round-trip Economy-class ticket and/or living expenses and/or accommodation at Morishita Studio. Amount of grants will vary according to the funding and contributions from other sources.

Awardees are able to use the facilities at Morishita Studio upon request during the research visit.

The Saison Foundation can help to coordinate meetings and interviews, and to provide additional support for the research.

Awardees are expected to

  • hold a public talk or give a presentation on their country’s art scene and their work
  • submit a report on the research visit
  • demonstrate the outcome of the research visit within 1 year after the visit, e.g. performing events, workshop, talk event or publication written in any language except Japanese

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