Fun Link Friday: Anna the Red

Bento enthusiasts, Japanophiles, and gamers, take note! Whether you want to learn how to make fancy bento or just like looking at (and salivating over) Anna’s gorgeous kyaraben (character bento), check out for bento-making, geekery, and fun. (All images are copyrighted Anna the Red and are linked back to their original posts.)

Perhaps the best part of this site is that Anna includes the instructions on how to make the components of the bento. You, too, can make Totoro inari-zushi, a Katamari full of curry, or a Domo-kun marshmallow. Beginner at bento? Start from the basics!

Also of note is Anna’s Ghibli Feast, a series of food items from Ghibli movies that she recreated, including two meals Marco eats  in Porco Rosso and the lunch Pazu shares with Sheeta in Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

Kiki's Delivery Service

In addition to the bento, Anna also makes plushies, often based on characters from video games.

Whether you’re making bento for yourself, your friends, or to 告白 to a special someone, check out Anna’s blog for inspiration and instructions! I know that if I were the heroine of an anime, all my love interest would have to do to win my heart is present me with one of these bento for the company hanamiItadakimasu!


Would-be suitors: I’m partial to kabocha, strawberries, brown rice, and Miyazaki films.

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