Website announcement: Japan Air Raids Archive

People with an interest in military history and WWII will be pleased to find this wonderful new bilingual digital archive on Japan air raids. It has only recently opened, but it looks like it will continue to become a fantastic collection of historical materials.

New website announcement:

Photo from

We are pleased to announce the launching of a new website,, a bilingual digital archive dedicated to the international dissemination of information about the United States Army Air Force air raids against Japan. While in its infancy, the website features air raid survivor interviews, primary documents produced by the U.S. and Japanese governments, photographs, moving images, and sound recordings. We encourage educators to inform students about the website, which can act as a one-stop shop for them to conduct original research. Given our wish to significantly expand the offering of primary documents and survivor interviews, we welcome any suggestions for funding possibilities.

Cary Karacas
Assistant Professor of Human Geography
City Universityof New York
The College of Staten Island

Bret Fisk
independent scholar, writer, and translator

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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