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Fun Link Friday: Anatomical illustrations of Japanese Folk Monsters

Japan loves its ghost stories, and it especially loves the huge variety of supernatural creatures that feature in them. From handscrolls to ukiyo-e prints, artists have been bringing the spooky to life for centuries. This week’s Fun Link Friday is … Continue reading

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Fun Link Friday: Monsters from the Kaibutsu Ehon

We’ve already had a few posts on ghosts and monsters, particularly because late summer is the time for haunted houses (or trains), but maybe you’ve got more monsters on the mind from going to go see Pacific Rim. So here’s … Continue reading

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Resource: The Obakemono Project

Happy Halloween, everyone! You’re probably working on a costume for some party this weekend, so we’ll keep today’s resource brief. The Obakemono Project! Okay, so this isn’t a traditional resource per se, but it’s a really fun site having to … Continue reading

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Fun Link Friday: Halloween Prank Videos

Nothing says ‘Halloween’ like pranks to terrify your friends and family. And believe me, Japan is no exception. Japanese TV shows love to play all kinds of pranks on people, scary or otherwise, and we’ve selected a few here for … Continue reading

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