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Fun Link Friday: Original Kanji Contest

Everyone knows that there’s nothing fun about the pandemic and it’s certainly been on all of our minds for months and months now. This past year Grape brought to our attention that there has been a contest for ten years+ … Continue reading

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Resource: Visualizations and Digital Analyses on Modern Japan

Much is presently being made of the digital humanities, that is, how we can use digital tools to engage, answer, or facilitate humanities study. From this marriage of tech and humanistic thought, a number of fascinating projects related to Japan … Continue reading

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Resource: jisho.org

There are numerous online resources for students of Japanese out there who need to find a word or kanji on the fly, many of which we covered in Leah’s article on Making the Most of Japanese Dictionaries. Still, new ones … Continue reading

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Fun Link Friday: Nandoku Kanji

So you think you’re a kanji master? Why not put your skills to the test by quizzing yourself with some nandoku kanji (難読漢字)? Nandoku kanji “difficult to read” kanji, single and compound characters that are not a part of the … Continue reading

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Site Review: Studying Basic Kanji with Phantom Thief Nekopy

http://www.nekopy.com/ “Kaitou Nekopi” (怪盗ねこぴー), Phantom Thief Nekopy, is a Japanese website designed to help elementary school children have fun while studying. It’s full of games related to all their school subjects: including math, science, social studies, English and kokugo– Japanese. … Continue reading

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Fun Link Friday: Online games for Japanese study

It was my hope to do Fun Link Friday with some online Japanese learning games, but to my disappointment, most of the games out there are aimed at beginners learning hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Once you hit a decently advanced … Continue reading

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