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Book Announcement: Japan’s Castles: Citadels of Modernity in War and Peace

Japan’s Castles: Citadels of Modernity in War and Peace Oleg Benesch and Ran Zwigenberg An innovative examination of heritage politics in Japan, showing how castles have been used to re-invent and recapture competing versions of the pre-imperial past and project … Continue reading

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Fun Link Friday: Roman Coins Found in Ryukyu Castle

For our archeology and history enthusiasts: Okinawa was a historical trade hub, and recently ten ancient coins, including several from the Roman and Ottoman empires, were excavated in Katsuren Castle, Uruma, Okinawa. “We don’t think that there is a direct link … Continue reading

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Specialty Dictionaries Online: Art History and History

There’s an enormous amount of online J/E and E/J dictionaries, add-ons, and web readers out there, some aimed at the casual learner and others for more advanced students. But let’s face it- when you’re in the Japanese field as a … Continue reading

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FLF: Nothing like human sacrifice to top off a good castle!

For most, talk of human sacrifice brings to mind the Pre-Columbian Americas, such as Aztec sacrifices to the sun god of war, Huitzilopochtli, but this tradition has taken many forms all over the world. Earlier last year Pink Tentacle featured … Continue reading

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Exploring History in Japanese Castles

One look at my keychain (mostly chains, very few keys) will alert you to the fact that I am a huge castle nerd. Besides the fact that medieval Japan is my research specialty (and IMO the coolest time period ever, … Continue reading

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