Online Intensive 1st-Year Japanese Language Course (University of Michigan)

Online Intensive First-Year Japanese Language Course at the University of Michigan!

The University of Michigan is offering a beginner’s level Japanese course, open to both UM and non-UM students! This intensive summer course fits two semesters worth of content into an intensive 10-week curriculum. The class will be taught remotely in 2022.

*If you are a UM student: You can earn ten credits from this summer course and will be eligible to enroll in the second-year Japanese course for the fall semester. In other words – you can fulfill the two-year language requirement in one year! Because the class is taught remotely, you don’t have to live in Ann Arbor for the summer – you could take this class while you are back to your hometown.

*If you are not a UM student and you want to learn Japanese this summer: You can take this course as a program-fee student without enrolling in the University of Michigan. This is a great option for students attending a college that does not offer Japanese in the summer. (Note: UM student that doesn’t want credits from UM also can take this course as a program-fee student)

If you are interested in, or would like to find out more, please contact Asian Languages and Cultures:!

Class starts on June 1st until August 10th. Class meets from Mon. through Fri. from 9:00 am through 12:30 pm.

Website about the summer language program:





ミシガン大学の学生でない人でこの夏日本語を勉強したいと思う方は、Program fee studentとして登録されれば、受講料を払うだけで、面倒な入学手続きも不要です。夏に自分の大学に日本語のクラスがない方に最適のコースとなっています(ミシガン大学の学生で単位を取る必要がない方もProgram fee studentとして履修することができます)。

日本語を勉強してみたいと思っている方、Asian Languages and Cultures: alc-summerlanguageinstitute@umich.eduまでご連絡ください。




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