Book Announcement: An Ise monogatari Reader: Contexts and Receptions

An Ise monogatari Reader: Contexts and Receptions
Brill’s Japanese Studies Library, Volume: 69
Editors: Joshua S. Mostow, Tokurō Yamamoto, and Kurtis Hanlon

An “Ise monogatari” Reader is the first collection of essays in English on The Ise Stories, a canonical literary text ranked beside The Tale of Genji. Eleven scholars from Japan, North America, and Europe explore the historical and political context in which this literary court romance was created, or relate it to earlier works such as the Man’yōshū and later works such as the Genji and noh theater. Its medieval commentary tradition is also examined, as well as early modern illustrated editions and parodies. The collection brings cutting-edge scholarship of the very highest level to English readers, scholars, and students.

Contributors are:

Aoki Shizuko, Fujihara Mika, Fujishima Aya, Gotō Shōko, Imanishi Yūichirō, Susan Blakeley Klein, Laura Moretti, Joshua S. Mostow, Ōtani Setsuko, Takahashi Tōru, and Yamamoto Tokurō

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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1 Response to Book Announcement: An Ise monogatari Reader: Contexts and Receptions

  1. Satorukun says:

    Ooh! This is super-interesting. I’ve met Yamamoto-sensei a few times (he even gifted me a dictionary of “変体仮名”), but I don’t think I’ve seen any English-language publications by him in the past. Thank you for posting this!

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