Fun Link Friday: Snow Monkey Relaxation

Are you feeling the weight of winter? Wishing there was a way to relax a bit and just hang? While many of us can’t travel to Japan right now, we can still appreciate those who are coping better with winter from afar. In particular, through May it’s snow monkey bathing season, and I always find it a delight to see these little guys letting all the stress of being a monkey melt away in a good bath.

There are a number of places throughout Japan where you can check out these onsen monkeys, like the Yunokawa hot spring in  Hokkaido or the Nagano Snow Monkey Resort.

But if you’re not satisfied with just watching reports on them or looking at cute photos (seriously, click the Nagano one!), there are also a couple places out there that livestream their monkey hot springs. Maybe you’ll catch a glimpse? Or at least you can take a cue on self-care from these little buddies and have yourself a nice bath to unwind this weekend! ♨️

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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