Fun Link Friday: Muscleman Tea Party

Instagram and other social media outlets are rife with beautiful displays of innovative Japanese tea ceremony sweets, with confectionery specialists playing off of traditional aesthetics and contemporary holidays. But did you ever think you’d be enjoying incredibly buff, jiggling sweets that put you and everyone you know to shame?

Earlier this year grape showcased an event held with ALL OUT, a Japanese “muscular performance group,” where they were part of a traditional tea ceremony that featured wiggly, transparent Japanese jelly treats shaped like flexing strongmen. I’m not sure shirtless flexing improves tea ceremony, but at least it does make for some entertaining content in otherwise dark times.

You can check out the original article to see the group lined up in their bodybuilding, tea-drinking glory, or visit their Twitter account to see what other random, muscle-bound content ALL OUT is putting out into the world.

Happy Friday!

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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