Resource: How to Japonese Podcast

What was your path to learning Japanese like? And how did you maintain it? What do you use those skills for now in your career? For those interested in podcasts and learning more about how people in the Japan field got where they are, the How to Japonese  podcast by Daniel Morales will be a great resource.

Morales, a writer and translator who contributes to the Japan Times bilingual page, has released a first season of his new podcast. There are ten episodes, each of which begin with Morales’ experiences learning Japanese and living in Japan and end with an interview with someone connected to the Japan field. This includes translators, educators (spoiler alert, I’m in there!), people in legal fields, video game production, journalism, and more! They provide great insight into how they got where they are, the challenges to get there, and how learning Japanese played a role.

Morales also runs the How to Japonese blog, which regularly examines common Japanese words and phrases as well as the many idiosyncrasies that make Japanese so fascinating (and frustrating) to learners. Season two of the How to Japonese  podcast is already in the works, so sure to check out the site or follow Morales’ work on Twitter!

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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