Fun Link Friday: Move over, gingerbread house, here’s a sweets sailboat

While many of us may be honing our skills for seasonal gingerbread house competitions, none of us can hold a candle to the students of the recently opened Noda Kamada Gakuen vocational high school in Yokohama, who created a MASSIVE ship made out of sweets last month to celebrate the 80th anniversary of their parent organization.

Doesn’t seem that big? Maybe you need another picture for scale…

That’s right, kneeling next to the boat, it is in fact almost twice as tall as the students! According to the Japan Today report on the boat, it was created from 600 cookies (cut to half the size of a sheet of paper), 40 muffins, 600 bread slices, 200 cream puffs, 420 leaf shaped pies (!!), 250 tarts, 108 waffles, 200 bagels, 600 dice-cut cookies, 1,000 marzipan sweets, and 2,000 chocolate roses. Uhhh. I’m not sure about those bagels, but it does sound like this boat would send me with those chocolate sails straight into a sugar coma.

What I really want, though, is pictures of them eating this thing! Check out the original article for more pictures of this incredible thing. Best of luck with all your own architectural cookie endeavors this month! 🍪


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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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