Fun Link Friday: Cut-paper origami cranes

Art by Uni

There’s a lot of cool Japanese artists on Twitter and Instagram that occasionally get reported on in English-language media, but I found this one in my old bookmarks and couldn’t resist bringing it back.

An artist who goes by “Uni” has a spectacular online presence showcasing her work doing both kirigami (paper folding and cutting to create shapes) and kiri-e (cutting designs into paper). From her website she seems to focus on paper cranes, which showcase extremely delicate and intricate patterns. Whether symmetrical designs or cartoon characters (as seen on the right), they’re absolutely gorgeous, with impressive detail.

Uni also has a twitter, where you can see some more work. I’m especially blown away by the size of some of the works produced, which are little bites of art sometimes no bigger than a single yen! Be sure to check out her art, even if you spend hours scrolling back in time on the feed. Happy Friday!

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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