Job Opening: Postdoctoral Fellow (Project Researcher), University of Tokyo, Tokyo College

Tokyo College is looking to invite researchers from broad range of fields under the research theme, “The Earth and Human Society in 2050”, and carry out interdisciplinary collaboration to contribute to the realization of sustainable and inclusive future of humanity. Applicants’ field of expertise should be related to one of the following research focuses.

A. Digital Revolution and Future of Humanity
B. Tackling the Planetary Boundaries through Interdisciplinary Approaches
C. Japan Viewed from Inside and Outside
D. Humanities in 2050 – World Philosophy, World History and World Literature –

*Primary category shows “Japanese History / Studies”, but it is just for formality. It never limits the research field of applicants.

Postdoctoral researchers are expected to;

・pursue their own research objectives through interdisciplinary collaborations both within and without the University of Tokyo,
・actively attend or host research seminars at Tokyo College,
・conduct research activities at the University of Tokyo, but are also encouraged to travel overseas for research collaborations and dissemination of their research results,
・acknowledge Tokyo College as your affiliation in every research outputs, including papers and articles,
・accept that their names, photographs and basic information about their field of expertise to be posted on the Tokyo College website,
・accept that if they take part in a public lecture hosted by Tokyo College, their presentations may be recorded and posted on the Tokyo College website.

Before application, please see our website ( for more details such as term, qualifications, compensation & Benefits, etc.

Apply HERE

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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