Fun Link Friday: Food Waste Tableware

An image of three bowls made from food waste: white, green, and brown. The brown bowl has a "A New Life For Food Waste" pamphlet in it.

Kosuke Araki. food waste ware research booklet and moulds. Via Design Boom

Anyone who has the pleasure of working with me knows I take food waste and garbage sorting Very Seriously. I found this Design Boom article on Japanese designer Kosuke Araki, who

creates series of tableware and vessels using daily food waste with the intention to make users reflect on their daily consumption patterns. The anima collection is made from carbonized vegetable waste mixed with animal glue and finished with urushi, a Japanese lacquer that historically has a close relationship with food. techniques to adjust the viscosity of urushi involve mixing it with foods such as rice or tofu – an aspect which the designer has revisited in a contemporary way.

Check it out on Design Boom!


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