Livetweet Threads from AAS: Publishing in Scholarly Journals on Japan

Over the course of the weekend I attended the Association for Asian Studies 2018. There I was at a roundtable “Publishing in Scholarly Journals on Japan” that featured a lot of really useful information for those of us in the humanities and social sciences seeking to publish our scholarship in places like Monumenta NipponicaJapan Forum,  Journal of Japanese StudiesPacific Affairs, Social Science Japan Journal, or Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies.

Though I live-tweeted much of the event, this was the one day the internet in the hotel venue was TERRIBLE, so I ended up having to switch between my phone and computer rapidly as I troubleshooted and it didn’t end up all in one thread. Sorry about that! Here I am compiling the various threads from the roundtable in one place. If you click on each of the embedded tweets below, it will take you to the individual thread on a given topic. Sadly embeds don’t let you click “view thread” directly like on Twitter. But at least all of the sub-threads are in one spot now and hopefully will be useful to folks both in Japanese and other area studies. Enjoy!

That’s all! If you check out the #AAS2018 hashtag or sift through other recent tweets you’ll find other panels I livetweeted on premodern and early modern Japan/East Asia, as well as the thread on the new publication of the Cambridge History of Japan to be released in the next year. Enjoy!

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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  1. Great, Paula! Thanks for sharing!

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