Fun Link Friday: Learning the Language of Crows

As if crows weren’t terrifying enough around the world (and especially in Japan, where they are basically the size of small dogs), new studies are taking our interactions with them to the next level. Recently highlighted in an NHK World video, researcher Naoki Tsukahara, an expert in animal behavior and computer science, is now combining his powers to uncover the language of crows. Based on recordings of crows, Tsukahara is identifying dozens of “words” and phrases and attempting to mobilize drones that can infiltrate their murders. Standard Examiner reports that he is presently developing a more crow-like drone (the present one looks more like a small plane), and

…both the drone and robot will be equipped with a device connected via the internet to artificial intelligence that instantly analyzes the meaning of crow calls. By playing an appropriate response through a speaker, human beings should be able to communicate with crows.

The real question is whether or not, even with a crow-shaped drone, they’ll be able to still outsmart us! See the video here.

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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