Fun Link Friday: Robotic Fish

Although I’m quite late to the game on this one, on Twitter I stumbled across video of robotic fish developed in Japan and promptly ended up down a rabbit hole searching for video after video of these adorable and bizarre little buggers.

News Hub reported back in 2016 on the development of these fish by a Japanese company, Airo, and several other outlets have also been delighted by this, and I even stumbled across a website devoted to robotic fish. Who knew? There’s also videos of these fish being used to see underwater, which makes me wonder about the possibilities for deep dives into the ocean depths. Even South Korea is in on this robotic fish game, though I’m not so inclined to have their versions with spooky lit up eyes for a pet…

Take an hour off from your usual social media feed and get lost in the peaceful wiggles in the water. Happy Friday!


About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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