Fun Link Friday: Matcha… beer?

Image from Rocket News 24.

Image from Rocket News 24.

Like it or not, if you spend enough time in Japan, you’ll probably develop a taste for matcha/maccha 抹茶 (green tea). I know I didn’t like tea at all (still don’t like coffee!) but somewhere along the lines it grew on me. Suddenly the delicious green confectioneries all over Japan were a whole new world of tasty. But should green tea flavor be in everything? The Yebisu beer company seems to think so. In fact, Rocket News 24 reports that now select Yebisu bars are featuring a delicious (?) combination of the famous Kyoto Uji matcha mixed with their beer as a cocktail. Delicious flavor combo or worst idea ever? What do you all think?

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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