Workshop: Japanese Language Text Mining: Digital Methods for Japanese Studies

call for papers [150-2]Emory University is pleased to accept applications, beginning January 20, 2017, for participation in an interdisciplinary workshop — Japanese Language Text Mining: Digital Humanities Methods for Japanese Studies. The workshop will bring together researchers working across the fields of computational text analysis and Japanese Studies. We welcome applicants from both fields. Applications from research pairs or teams (combining different specialties) are encouraged. Faculty, professionals, and Ph.D. students at all levels are welcome.

The workshop sessions will focus on the unique challenges of digital analysis of Japanese texts. Topics will include:

  • Finding and using web-based corpora, e.g., the Aozora Bunko
  • Using web-based analytical tools, e.g., PhiloLogic
  • Creating digital collections (corpora), including challenges of OCR (Optical Character Recognition) for Japanese texts
  • Specialized tools for classical, early modern, and modern Japanese grammar
  • Methodological principles that underlie standard text mining techniques (e.g., word frequencies, collocation, KWIC, document term matrices, metrics of text similarity)

The workshop will include two half-day specialized sessions: a tutorial on Japanese language and orthography for digital humanities specialists and a session on basic computational concepts and methods for Japan specialists.

Through the generous support of the Japan Foundation, all participants will be provided with accommodations, travel support, as well as breakfast and lunch during the workshop. We strongly encourage candidates to seek supplemental funding from their home institutions.

Workshop leaders:

Sponsorship and support:

Application Requirements:

All applicants are requested to submit their applications in a single email to with the following:

  • Contact information sheet
  • Two page c.v. (one c.v. per participant)
  • A statement of fewer than 600 words describing your research interests or research project (one statement per participant)

Application opens: January 20, 2017

Application deadline: February 20, 2017

Award notification: March 13, 2017

Workshop: May 30, 2017 to June 2, 2017

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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