Fun Link Friday: the Salt Sculptures of Motoi Yamamoto

Sorry for the lack of Fun Link Fridays, everyone! It was a busy holiday season and I hope you all enjoyed it. Today is a quickie fun link, something that I had saved and meant to put up around New Years! Spoon & Tamago had an article a few months back about Motoi Yamamoto, someone who calls himself a “salt installation artist.” In Japanese culture, salt is not only an essential cooking ingredient, but also used as a sacred item in many ritual and cultural contexts, especially in connection to Shinto practices. After the death of his sister, Yamamoto began using salt as a kind of artistic tool, creating “paintings” in his home that are as elaborate as they are stunning.


Yamamoto has since traveled the world creating these incredible displays at numerous exhibitions and galleries. You can see more of these amazing art installations at the original article, or this HuffPost article + gallery from several years ago, or any number of articles online. Happy travels through the salt landscapes!

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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