Fundng: Heinz M. Kaempfer Fund – Society for Japanese Arts

money [150-2]Heinz M. Kaempfer Fund grant for research on Japanese arts and crafts

The Heinz M. Kaempfer Fund invites. applications for a grant programme to support research on Japanese arts and crafts. The fund accepts applications throughout the year. The Fund is associated with the Society for Japanese Arts, based in the Netherlands and encourages research on Japanese art and crafts by young scholars and publication of their work.

Japanologists and/or art historians who do not yet have a permanent position at a university or museum; MA students; PhD students; PhD graduates who have received their degree maximum one year prior to the date of application.

The maximum amount that will be awarded is €2000.

Application procedure:
Researchers wishing to apply, are requested to submit a written summary of their research project dedicated to Japanese art (max. 1 page A4) and include a curriculum vitae and one letter of recommendation. Please specify the intended purpose of the grant and the proposed time frame. When available, please attach a sample (or part thereof) of published work.

The grantees are invited to submit the results of their research for publication in Andon, the journal of the Society for Japanese Arts.

The article, preferably 4,000-5,000 words, should be written in English and be accompanied by 10-15 illustrations. Grantees are reminded, however, that publication is at the discretion of the editorial board of Andon, and the article is subject to an editing process.

Application checklist:

Summary of project
CV of applicant
Letter of recommendation
Project budget
If available, example of earlier publication (or part thereof)

For more information about the Heinz M. Kaempfer Fund and the application procedure, please contact the fund’s secretary:

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