Fun Link Friday: Amazon Priest Delivery?

A quickie fun link this week!

The modern world poses a lot of challenges for what many consider older, more traditional ways of life. A recent New York Times article talked about one of these questions of becoming obsolete or adapting to the needs of a new world: Amazon’s launching of the obosan-bin, or a priest delivery service that brings Buddhist priests directly to your home for religious purposes. While some organizations are condemning the practice, others are asking how can religious organizations like temples and shrines cope with generations increasingly disconnected from their religious roots and the hometowns that would foster them? How can they service the huge populations of major cities that may not be able to travel far or often for important ritual services? You can read the full article on this fascinating issue at the New York Times’ piece: Japan’s Newest Technology Innovation: Priest Delivery 

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Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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