Job Opening: Japanese early-modern literature, Chiba University

job opening - 5Call for applications for the position of assistant professor or associate professor of Japanese early-modern literature, Chiba University.

Chiba University, Japan, is inviting applicants for the assistant professor or associate professor of Japanese early-modern literature, to commence on 1st April, 2017. The successful candidate will be required to provide Japanese early-modern literature classes and seminars in Japanese, and several lectures in English. The candidates will have near-native command of Japanese. Thecandidate will also have a Ph.D. degree by the date of the appointment.

Main Duties

The successful candidate will be required to give on average 2-3 lecture and 2 seminar classes per week. Mentoring undergraduate and graduate students will also form part of the duties. In addition, the following activities would be included as a part of his/her duties:

– to attend faculty and departmental meetings once a month

– to contribute to works related to entrance examinations

– to contribute to activities related to the exchange program with universities outside Japan, particularly in the field of Japanese literature

– to contribute to the planning and implementation of cross-disciplinary education programs, in cooperation with staff members of the Institute of Excellence for Educational Innovation, Chiba University

Guidelines for application

Please refer to the following page


for the details of presentation documents and submission. The deadline for the application isOctober 3rd, 2016, and the review process will begin on the day following the deadline. Candidates may be interviewed on site or online (via Skype or other applications) as part of the review process.

As described in the above website, applicants from abroad may submit the required documents as attached file to e-mail message. If an applicant has received no confirmation message within 5 days of the submission via e-mail, please send an e-mail to Prof. Hiroya Takeuchi, Vice President for Learning Support (hiroya (at) (at) should replaced by @ ).

*This is the English summary of call for applications. Please see the full version

(text in Japanese) for the detailed information at:-

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