Job Opening: English Learning and Global Communication, University of Tokyo

job opening - 5Institution: University of Tokyo, ALESS and ALESA Programs, Center for Global Communication Strategies
Location: Japan
Position: Assistant Professor, Non-Tenure Track Faculty

The University of Tokyo is Japan’s premier university. We are currently looking for an adventurous, enthusiastic scholar with a commitment to high quality education to join our international team in the ALESS and ALESA programs.

The ALESS (Active Learning of English for Science Students) and ALESA (Active Learning of English for Student of the Arts) programs provide compulsory English courses for science and humanities students, respectively. In the case of ALESS, all first-year science students design and conduct a simple scientific experiment, which they then write up as an IMRD paper in English. Humanities students conduct research within topical and methodological parameters determined by the instructor and compose an academic essay with clear argumentation in English. Classes have 15 students on average. All students also take an oral fluency class designed to improve their ability to engage in discussion on academic topics in English. Courses in the ALESS and ALESA Programs are under constant refinement through collaboration among all faculty.

Required Qualifications
Applicants should have a PhD in an area of the sciences or humanities and should possess very high English proficiency. Previous experience teaching scientific writing, academic writing, or English as a Foreign Language are an advantage.

The person hired will teach seven 105-minute English courses per week in each of two 13-week semesters per year. The teaching will consist mainly in one of the above-mentioned academic writing courses (ALESS or ALESA), but will also include some courses focusing on academic discussion in English as well as occasional electives in the instructor’s area of expertise. The appointee will also be expected to participate actively in curriculum development.

6,000,000 Japanese yen per year. Please note that relocation costs for moving to Tokyo, including flights, are not covered.

Application deadline
14 September 2016 (Japan Time).

Informal inquiries may be sent to Roger Robins (Email: To apply, a hard copy of all application materials must be posted according to the instructions given on the website.

About Paula

Paula lives in the vortex of academic life. She studies medieval Japanese history.
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